Hunters of Jurassic Seas

Limited. Died out in the middle Cretaceaous.
Favorite place
Open sea
Founding place
Holzmaden, Germany

Stenopterygius quadriscissus

The skeleton reveals the features that are typical of such marine reptiles: a long snout with small teeth; one of the large eyes surrounded by protective bony ridges; the large, paddle-like left front limb; and both of the shrunken, paddle-like rear limbs.

  • The spine consists of many coin-shaped vertebrae. The spine is curved in order ichthyosaur is viewed from above, so you can see the back and both sides of the ribcage. But as the right front limb is under the skeleton, it can be seen “through” the stomach area. It often happens that fossils are formed in such a way that certain parts are not in the “correct” place.