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This web is part of the museum's exhibition Fossils and Evolution. But it is also an experience on its own.

Här hittar du det mesta av innehållet som finns i surfplattorna i utställningen Fossil och evolution. Använd din egen smarta telefon, surfplatta eller dator. Senare versioner av moderna webbläsare rekommenderas.

You can find most of the content contained in the tablets in the exhibition. Use your smart phone, tablet or computer. Later versions of modern browsers are recommended.

Navigate the site

The exhibition web lets you follow the evolution from the Ediacaran period, that begins 635 million years before present, to the Paleogene and Neogen that ends 2.6 million years ago.

At the start page, follow the timeline and scroll through the different periods of sideways. Then you can click through and read about the evolution during the period, or take a closer look at the animals and fossils.

Skärmdump som visar tidslinje och blädderknappar.

The timeline lets you navigate through millions of years. It begins 635 million years before present, when the first multicellular animals appear, and extends until the great ice ages started 2.6 million years ago.

Evolution, animals, and fossils

Each period includes three sections:

  • Evolution newsabout the great evolutionary steps over the period.

  • Animal models – the animals from the period that also are in the exhibition. See pictures from their habitats and read brief facts about their lives.

  • Display cases with fossils – all (all!) fossils found in the exhibition. Find out which animals and plants the fossils once were, and find out facts about their living conditions and prospects.
Skärmdump av en tidsperiods startsida.

An example of a period start page.

Skärmdump från en periods startsida.

An example of a period Start Page. With the arrow next to the timestamp, a brief introduction to the period is expanded.

The Ediacaran, the first period of the exhibition, is an exception. Diversity is then so low and the species so few, that we only made a chapter on evolution.

Subpage menues

Using the menus, you can reach the different sections of the current period, and the period start page. From there you can then browse to a different period.

Skärmdump av menyn.

Sub page menu example.

Skärmdump som visar menyn.


We use ReadSpeaker. Touch the icon with the headphones on the top of the pages, and the service starts.

Clickable map of the exhibition

Ediacara Kambrium Ordovicium Silur Devon, hav- och landmiljöer. Karbon Perm Trias Jura Jura Krita Paleogen och neogen Klickbar karta över utställningen.